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Affection Matters LLC

Respite services offer participants the opportunity to receive care and engagement for a specified period, either in their own homes or at a hotel. Whether it’s for emergency purposes or to provide relief to primary caregivers, respite services ensure that participants receive the care they need during a predetermined timeframe. This valuable service allows participants to maintain their well-being while their usual caregivers take a break.

Supported Employment
Supported employment services aim to help participants secure and maintain individual jobs in competitive or customized employment settings. Whether it’s traditional employment, self-employment, or integrated work environments, participants are assisted in finding meaningful work opportunities where they are compensated at or above the minimum wage. The goal is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to employment opportunities and are fairly remunerated for their work.

Transportation Services (Pending Approval)
For participants who need to access services, activities, and resources located up to 150 miles away but lack transportation, Affection Matters LLC offers transportation services. This service allows participants to utilize their DDD budget to access the transportation they need. Participants can rely on Affection Matters LLC to arrange and provide transportation, ensuring they can access necessary resources without any barriers.

Support Brokerage (Pending Approval)
Support brokerage services act as a liaison between participants, support coordinators, and service providers. The dedicated support brokerage staff assists participants or their families in arranging, directing, and managing services. They serve as the agent of the participant, helping identify immediate and long-term needs, developing suitable options, and accessing necessary supports and services. Effective communication with support coordinators ensures participants receive continuous care and support.

Community Based Supports
Affection Matters LLC offers one-on-one, individualized direct support and assistance to participants to help them achieve and maintain increased independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning, and inclusion in the community. This service can be provided in the participant’s residence or outside and covers a range of activities such as community skill building or recreational activities, daily living skills training (e.g., hygiene, cleaning, cooking), and travel training or transportation assistance.

Community Inclusion Services
Community inclusion services focus on supporting participants outside their homes and facilitating their involvement in educational, enrichment, or recreational activities. These activities are conducted in group settings of up to six individuals and aim to enhance participants’ inclusion in the community. From early job training and life skills development to group recreational trips based on participants’ preferences, these services promote social engagement and community integration.

Prevocational Training
Our prevocational training program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and experiences to enhance their employability in integrated community settings. Participants engage in various learning and work experiences that contribute to their readiness for paid employment. The training covers essential areas such as effective communication, workplace conduct, problem-solving, safety awareness, and mobility skills. By focusing on these skills, participants are better prepared for competitive employment opportunities where they are compensated fairly.